About the company

Since 2009 we design, build and implement complex projects, deliver equipmentand perform warranty and maintenance service.

We develop control systems from aggregate level subsystems to full-scale automated technological processes control systems (ATPCS) based on the hardware and software from Siemens, CISCO, HP, D-Link.

When creatinga ATPCS we provide the full engineering cycle: design and development of software, manufacturing of equipment, installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance, training of the personnel.

Quick delivery time of equipment
If the required item is on stock, we are ready to deliver equipment on the next day after signing the contract.
We implement technically complex solutions
We develop technical specifications and coordinate them withthe relevant authorities
We work directly with the manufacturers
We have signed partnership and dealer agreements with many manufacturers, which guarantees high quality of equipment and low prices
Licenses and certificates
Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Certificate No. 8973 of admission to works which affect safety of objects of capital construction
Certificate No. 7697 of admission to works on preparation of design documentation which affect safety of objects of capital construction
ISO conformity certificate reg. No. FORTIS.RU.0001.F0003164
ISO conformity certificate reg. No. FORTIS.RU.0001.F0007473
License on installation, maintenance and repair of means of buildings and constructions fire safety No. 2-B/00231
License on activities for preservation of objects of the cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the nationsof the Russian Federation No. MKRF00975
Certificate of official partnership between LLC «Liman-trade» and «Siemens»
Certificate of engineering partnership between LLC «Liman-trade» and «Siemens»
«Reliable supplier» Certificate on the e-trading platform «Fabrikant»
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