What are COOKIES?

Cookies are small files that usually consist of letters and numbers. The purpose of cookies is to store basic information, such as user preferences. Cookies are useful because they allow websites to recognize your browser or device for a certain period of time.

Most Internet browsers support cookies. Users can control browsers by configuring them to reject certain types of cookies or to show when cookies are sent. Most of the world"s most famous websites use cookies. Without cookies, the features or services available on some sites may not even work properly.

What types of cookies do we use?

There are two types of cookies that can be used when you visit our site:

Basic cookies that are set by a specific site and can only be read by that site. For example, when a cookie from our site is transmitted to your browser, only our site will be able to recognize it.

Third-party cookies that are not set by our company, but, for example, by a third-party analytics company that sends its own cookies to your browser.

Please note that third-party cookies are managed by the relevant partners and service providers, as indicated in the table above. We have no access to or control over our partners " cookies. You will need to read the cookie policy of the relevant third-party company to learn more about the use of the information they collect.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to better understand how you interact with the content on our site. In addition, these small files can complement your user experience, as they remember your personal preferences. Cookies help us to count how many users visit certain pages of our site.

When do we use cookies?

Any browser that loads our site will receive a cookie. You can always opt out of both types of cookies on our site by changing your cookie settings.

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