Commissioning of equipment is a specialized, final part of the complex installation works. LLC «Liman-trade» produces basic electrical works and is responsible for their volume and quality.

Technical specialists of «Liman-trade» perform the following commissioning works:

  • Inspection and testing of electrical equipment in accordance with the Electrical installation code, the project, the technical documentation of the manufacturer (passport, operating manual, specifications) and other normative documents;
  • Electrical parameters and operation modes of electrical equipment to provide the testing of technological systems, complex or by unit;
  • Technological parameters set by the project (speed range, pressure, performance) and operating reliability.

On the basis of the testresults and adjustments we make a conclusion about the serviceability of each piece of equipment and all electrical installations.

Diagnostics of high voltage equipment conducted by the staff of LLC «Liman-trade» is the most reliable way to assess the possibility of further operation of your installation.


  1. Studying of design and working documentation, programming maps;
  2. Site inspection and incoming inspection of performed installation works;
  3. Scheduling of tests and commissioning;
  4. Adjustment of certain types of equipment included in the technological systems, blocks, lines to ensure their combined work established by the project;
  5. A trial run of the equipment according to the design scheme in inert media with the readiness check and adjustment of the joined operation with support systems — management, control, interlock, protection, alarm systems, automation and communication, switching equipment into work under load;
  6. Complex testing of the equipment with debugging of the technological process and ensuring stable operation, that will provide the first batch of product in the proper volume;
  7. Preparation of executive documentation;
  8. Arrangement of the acceptance commission forputtingthe systems into operation;
  9. Training the Customer"s personnel on how to operate the equipment.
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