• Site inspection and collection of initial documentation;
  • Survey works;
  • Development of Technical Specifications;
  • Development of design and working documentation in accordance with existing directions;
  • Coordination of design and working documentation with all the necessary regulatory authorities: the state examination, examination of industrial safety, entering particulars in the Register of Rostekhnadzor, etc.);
  • Supervision.

Stages of work of the Design Department of the company:

  1. Preliminary analysis of problems and preparation of the feasibility study (FS), development of the budget and splitting it by the main items of expenditure;
  2. Evaluation of existing engineering solutions to determine the degree of wear and adequacy of allocated funds;
  3. Collection and processing of initial data;
  4. Optimization of the equipment list proposed by the Customer with reference to the purchase budget;
  5. Development of optimal and efficient engineering solutions;
  6. Development of design and working documentation;
  7. Support of the developed project in all the necessary regulatory authorities;
  8. Coordination of the developed project with the Customer;
  9. Project implementation and field supervision.
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