The main functions of the General contractor:

  1. Selection of contractors for certain types of work, if necessary, upon agreement with the Customer;
  2. Organization of tender procedures on the contractor selection at the request of the Customer;
  3. Participation in tenders, when declared, on certain types of work;
  4. Coordination and management of the work of all contractors;
  5. Providing the contractors with coordinated and duly approved design estimate documentation which passed the inspection;
  6. Participation in scheduling of work and delivery of equipment and coordination before validating;
  7. Supervision of volume, costs and quality of works performed by contractors, in accordance with the standards and the contract;
  8. Ensuring readiness of the project, structures and certain types of work that are necessary for the production activities of contractors;
  9. Acceptance of the contractor"s completed work and payment for them in the manner prescribed by the contract;
  10. Approval of the finished object with the necessary authorities and the subsequent transfer of the object to the Customer.
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