Clock systemsare designed to display common exact time, but also can, under certain conditions and at specific points in time, control various systems (voice announcementand music broadcast systems etc.). Clock systems are installed in such facilities as: hospitals, schools, sports complexes, stock exchange, hotels, banks, railway stations and other facilities where they are simply indispensable.

A clock system comprises:

  • clock station (master clock);
  • secondary clocks (peripheral devices);
  • receiving device for time synchronization (satellite, radio or wired channel);
  • antenna for reception from the satellite or via radio channel;
  • amplifying and switching equipment;
  • additional (linear) equipment (for example, for activationof the voice announcement system).

A clock system provides:

  • indication of current time;
  • indication of date, day of week, month, year;
  • input of common time signals into synchronized technical means.
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