Automation of power facilities is one of the most important trends in development of distribution complex. The most important task for all network companies is to create fully automated substations without personnel, integrated into aunified system of operational dispatching management. Provided at the facility (ASCAPC, relay protection, power equipment monitoring, emergency registration, etc.). Integration allows to optimize the total cost of the control system due to the combined use of different resources (network devices, archives, displays, universal timesubsystems, etc.), as well as to increase convenient and trouble-free operationthrough a unifiedmanagement interface on AWS of operational staff.

We offer a range of services for construction and reconstruction of electric power distribution devices from 0.4 kV to 35kV (SS, DS, DD, TS).

We perform upgrades of cells (Retrofit) of 6-35kV cubicle switchboardswith the use of Tavrida Electric, Schneider Electric, Mechanotronics equipment etc.We also perform adjustment of relay protection and automationequipment.

Properly designed and manufacturedelectrical energy distribution system plays an important role in reliable electricity supply. Our company performs design, installation and commissioning of modern and reliable solutions in this field.

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