Modern power electronics and microprocessor technology allow you to create a device called afrequency converter that allows to regulate speed and torque of the motor in a wide range.

In the simplest version, the frequency converter allows to maintain voltage and frequency constant within operating speed range that allows use of this equipment in applications with low dynamics and relatively constant load.

In more elaborateversion the frequency converterenables to control not only voltage and frequency, but also phase, which allows almost instantaneouslyadjust the rotation speed and the shaft torque of the motor.

Currently, there are frequency convertersdesigned for a wide power ranges from 0.1 kW to 85 MW and voltages from 110 V to 12 kV. Casings of frequency converters can have dust-, moisture - and explosion-proof execution that allows to apply them in most difficult conditions and troubled environments.

More than 50% of the world"s electricity is consumed for bringing the motors in movement. Therefore, the application offrequency converters will effectively help to reduce energy costs. There are several potential opportunities to improve the energy efficiency:

  • saving electricity by adjusting theconsumption power of the electric drive depending on the actual load (the saving effect is 20-50%);
  • recuperation of braking energy and using of this energy in other parts of the installation (savings up to 60%);
  • adjustment of energy consumption process allows you to change the load schedule and use cheaper electricity tariffs.

Qualified equipment selection depending on the task allows to maximize energy efficiency, increase equipment availability and process reliability.

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