Development of technical security equipment sets (KITSO)

KITSO is designed to provide borders of security at the perimeter of object by the bundle supply and installation of physical barriers (fences, canopies, gates, wickets) and means of detection of the fact of trespassing or unauthorized movements of material values.

Basic KITSO requirements are:

  • detection of the fact of intrusion;
  • detection of unauthorized movement of material values;
  • registration and storage, including through video image, of events occurring in the system, receiving data in the form of reports.

KITSO main elements are:

  • Complexes of physical protection (railings, gates, etc.);
  • Fence intruder detection system (FID);
  • Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV);
  • Security lighting system (SLS);
  • Structural cable system (SCS);
  • System of uninterruptible power supply;
  • Access monitoring and control system (AMCS);
  • Data Processing Center (DPC);
  • Automated operators" workstations (AWS).

While creating KITSO, the company"s specialists perform the whole complex of works — from designing of safety regulations tocomissioning of the complexes and further maintenance.

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